Trend Driver for Niagara AX/N4


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Trend IQ Slave

  • Make Your JACE or Web Supervisor Emulate an IQ3
  • Niagara based integration far more powerful than SIPP
  • Full support for Sensors, Digital inputs and Drivers
  • All Niagara points exposed as Trend familiar objects
  • Convert booleans and numerics to Knobs and Switches
  • Expose Niagara schedules as Trend Time Zones
  • Present Niagara historeis as Trend plotting channels 

Trend Master

  • Take full control of any TCP Based from Niagara
  • Full discovery of outstations and their components
  • Support for multiple LAN´s even through INC´s 
  • Trend Alarm recipient for redirection to Niagara Alarms
  • Automatic creation of Histores and Alarm extensions
  • Full overlay of Niagara time schedules onto Time Zones
  • Text comms support for querying any Trend text object