The NeOSS building management controller provides the latest advancement in building controls technology and delivers a complete solution to today’s building control applications.

The controller is freely programmable and is supplied as standard with 8 universal inputs, 4 analogue outputs, 2 digital inputs and 2 digital relay outputs, a LON port, Ethernet port, RS485 port and an RS232 port.  Additional I/Os are provided by using a NeOSS I/O extender module which are available is various options.


The controller incorporates a full featured embedded web server capable of delivering dynamic plant graphics, data logging, alarm management facility,occupancy time profiles and event scheduling. The controller is designed based on a multi protocol architecture that combines various technologies including Internet, LON, BACnet, Modbus, Trend, DEVI,SNMP, iLight and TCP/IP to deliver full system integration.

NeOSS controllers are provided with built-in integration options and various connectivity ports as standard to deliver a fully integrated and cost-effective solution and therefore do not require additional hardware.

Key Features

  • Freely programmable
  • Integrated web server with dynamic graphics
  • Comprehensive library of  HVAC function blocks and logic modules
  • Extensive range of integration options including Internet, LON, BACnet, Modbus, Trend, DEVI, SNMP, iLight and TCP/IP to deliver full system integration.
  • 4096 Network variables
  • Built-in Schematic editor and drawing tool
  • Intuitive programming and engineering environment
  • Suitable for small and large applications
  • Email alarm facility
  • Data logging
  • Compact design ideal for new and retrofit applications
  • Can utilise existing sensors and field wiring on retrofit applications
  • Wireless sensor connectivity options