GENIbus driver

Driver is used for monitoring and controlling Grundfos pumps utilizing GENIbus.

GENIbus (the Grundfos Electronics Network Intercommunications bus) is a fieldbus developed and maintained by Grundfos to meet the need for data transfer in all typical Grundfos motor/pump applications. In the field of Building Management, control of Water Purifying Plants, Water Works and Industry applications etc. Grundfos devices with GENIbus can be wired together in networks and integrated in Niagara systems


GENIbus is based on the RS485 hardware standard, therefore, standard RS485 limitations apply, e.g. max. 1200 meters / 32 devices etc.

RS485 comms settings are fixed as follows:
Baud Rate : 9600 bits/s
Data Bits : 8
Parity : None
Stop Bits : 1


Availability of GENIbus on Grundfos pumps : Not all Grundfos pumps are equipped with a Genibus port. This is true even for some of the variable-speed pumps. Often a Genibus add-on module needs to be ordered with the pumps. This is usually a very reasonably priced add-on.
On the other hand, a CIU module (for converting GENIbus to another open protocol such as Bacnet or modbus) is *not* required when using this driver.

Pump addressing : The pumps need to be assigned addresses. This is typically done by Grundfos technicians using their portable R100 tool.