Niagara Edge-10-E

Niagara Edge 10

Tridium’s Niagara Edge 10 is an IP-based field equipment controller powered
by the Niagara Framework®. Niagara Edge 10 controllers drive applications
such as zone temperature control, and the operation of fan coil units, singlestage
air handling units, water-source heat pumps and more. Niagara Edge 10
controllers run the full Niagara stack, with 10 points of on-board IO and
IO-R-34 expansion capability. Niagara Edge 10 licensing supports three
devices and 50 total points to harness the full power of Niagara at the edge.

Niagara Edge 10 field controller with 10 points of onboard IO, 1 RS-485 serial port, and 2 10/100
Ethernet ports. Supports 1 IO-R-34. Includes Niagara N4 and drivers for BACnet, Modbus and SNMP.
Supports up to 3 devices or 50 points. Includes all software updates released for commercial use by
Tridium for the life of N4, but not for any later versions.