DSL Dali smart link - DSL Master

You can now connect your BMS and lighting system together with ease with the Dali Smart Link lighting interface. The interface allows seamless connection and programming of a DALI lighting system into a Niagara based control system and now with Dali Smart Link releasing further drivers for the Niagara range the choice is even greater.



The Complete DALI Gateway For BMS

All you need to power and control a DALI network from a BMS and the best all-round way to achieve lighting control from a BMS.

Seamless and Complete

Supplied with royalty-free drivers and software for Niagara AX (and other BMS on request) which discovers and populates points in the BMS. All DALI network configuration and lighting control programming is done in the BMS environment. Separate DALI configuration tools or software are not required. Pre-engineered software modules for common lighting control operations are provided.

Most Expandable

The powerful on-board processor handles addressing, discovery, polling and configuration of devices on the DALI network autonomously. BMS communication is minimised and is never stalled for DALI operations to complete, allowing up to 25 DALI networks – that’s 1600 DALI devices – to be controlled from one BMS with minimum CPU usage.

Most Trustworthy

When the BMS is not available, the DSL-Master becomes a stand-alone fallback lighting controller: lights continue to obey presence and light sensors, switches and scene plates according to user-defined behaviour.

Smallest and Simplest

DSL-Master is the only DALI gateway to integrate a DALI power supply, saving space, simplifying wiring, increasing efficiency and signal quality. Simply connect mains, DALI and RS485. The only DALI solution in 35mm of rail! All terminals are duplicated for easy daisy-chaining.

Coolest and Most Reliable

Other DALI installations use a separate dumb bus power supply which is shorted out to communicate, generating heat in the panel and reducing component lifetime. An integrated intelligent power supply saves energy and power supply wear by actively assisting communication. The DSL-Master runs cooler than any other DALI power supply, typically less than 15 C above ambient!

Most Robust

The DALI, mains, and RS485 terminals are entirely galvanically or optically isolated from each other, giving thousands of volts of isolation and the best protection for your BMS. This is essential as DALI is not wired as SELV. The DALI power supply can tolerate hard or partial shorts of the DALI network indefinitely. The RS485 interface can be operated over 100 m of cable from the BMS.