Relay modules portfolio

IO-DIM4 4 Channel Digital To Analogue Converter

These modules are intended for use with BMS controllers to expand their input capacity by multiplexing four or six digital signals or 4 x 24Vac/dc inputs into a single analogue controller unit. Each combination of input states corresponds to an analogue value from the IO-DIM4 and IO-DIM6 which can be decoded into four or six digital status bits.

IO-RM2 2-Stage Relay Module

This module is intended for use with BMS controllers to convert an analogue control output to a raise/lower, high/low or binary relay output pair. Applications include the control of raise/lower valve and damper actuators, and pump changeover. LEDs indicate correct operation and Hand/Off/Auto jumpers ease commissioning. Low current draw from 0-10Vdc controller output means that the IO-RM2 can work successfully with most BEMS controllers.

IO-RM4 4-Stage Relay Module

The IO-RM4 enables a single 0-10Vdc analogue output from a BMS controller to switch four digital outputs independently, in one of three different modes, and requires <1mA input.